Top Three Tips For Beginner Fishermen

If there’s one thing guests at Lake Michigan absolutely must try, the local tourism board suggests fishing as one of its best activities. Hours of bonding in a boat can bring about a certain serenity that can’t be replaced.

Finally, when you do catch a fish, the feeling of victory that your patience and your skill have paid off is unlike any other feeling in the world. That is if you make a catch.

There’s an old saying that asks “you’ve been fishing, but have you been catching?” and sadly, the answer for most is a laughable ‘no.’ This age old skill has become quite a rarity in these modern times which is why here are a few trusted and well-known pieces of advice passed on from generations of avid fishers to help you land the catch of the day!


You don’t just tie a knot to your hook, put bait on and wait for it to attract some nice fish. Rigging is important because not only does it ensure your lure and hook doesn’t get washed away in the current, but certain knots make your baits swim as if they are naturals, increasing the chances of a fish taking the bait. With a quick research, you’ll be able to tell which hook works for which catch.


There are plenty of fishing stores in Michigan that offer a wide variety of baits for almost all kinds of fish out there. Choosing the right bait is perhaps the most important part of fishing.

Additionally, swimming your bait correctly, to mimic the natural movement of prey, is equally important. Pull your rod tip and reel occasionally while keeping an eye out for your lure. Don’t just cast and reel willy-nilly. It won’t look natural, and you won’t get more than just a tug.

 Depth and Location

If you’ve followed all the reminders above, but there’s still nothing biting, then it’s time to paddle up the canoe and locate the fish. Fishing is more or less a waiting game, but if you’re not varying your depths and location, you might be waiting an inordinate amount of time for diddly squat. Change places and move to other fishing spots if you think nothing will ever bite from your location.

Fishing is a fun and wholesome activity for families. It teaches children the values of skill and patience, and it provides everyone with an intimate bonding experience you can’t get anywhere else. Find the right jive when you’re fishing, and you and your family will surely catch the best fish, hook, line, and sinker!