Design Your Retail Shop to Attract More Customers

Take a lesson from big box stores where you often leave with more than you originally intended to buy. Those who design them probably know something that other people don’t. Why else would they be as attractive?

If you have a small retail store, you shouldn’t think small. Think big in terms of designing your store so it can tempt customers as much as big box stores do. Here are some ideas:

Use your display window

Many small businesses do not use window displays anymore. This is something marketing experts frown upon. If you have a shop window, use it. If you don’t have one, think about investing in one. Give people a preview and use a single colour scheme. Put only a few items at a time on the display. See how more people come in when you do this.

Use an open design but use accents too

An open, airy design gives the impression of a nice place to shop in. Especially if you have a high ceiling, you can use this space to your advantage. It might also be a good idea to use a warehouse design; it’s more affordable and it always looks welcoming and not intimidating.

Use pallet racking to your advantage too. Display some interesting products on pallets close to the entrance, but be careful not to block the rest of the items. The more people see that they want to try, the longer they’ll stay, and the higher the chances of selling to them.

Break your displays into smaller sections

Long sections tend to overwhelm customers, forcing many of them to ignore a lot of the merchandise. To avoid this problem, break your displays into smaller sections. People are more capable of absorbing smaller sections at a time. They are more likely to stop and examine products if the display does not overwhelm them.

Use these suggestions to make your shop floor look better and more welcoming. Customers that stay long in your premises are more likely to leave with full shopping bags.