SEO Strategies and the Rise of Bing

Prioritizing Google’s search engine rules is natural when it comes to creating your SEO strategy, and why not? It currently dominates the search engine game, getting more than half of the overall searches users make on the internet. Just because Google is the number one search engine, however, it doesn’t mean you should ignore the rest.

Bing is the second most used search engine. Although their current market share is still relatively small compared to Google’s, they are poised for growth in the upcoming years. So, their algorithm isn’t something to take for granted. Here are some factors you should consider when choosing which SEO services to use.

Bing Powers Internet Explorer and Windows Searches

Bing is the default search engine for Microsoft browsers, such as Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. They have taken up 21.2 percent of the market share on desktop and tablet browsers as of June 2016. It is also the default search engine for Windows 10.

Bing Powers Yahoo’s Search Engine

Yahoo is the third most used search engine. What’s news for some, however, is that Bing powers Yahoo’s search engine under a 10-year deal that started in 2009. As Yahoo relies on Bing’s index and ranking algorithm, there are obvious similarities in their search results. This means that SEO strategies for one will also work for the other.

Moreover, Mozilla Firefox made Yahoo its search engine in America after it dumped Google in 2014. Around 12.4 percent of Americans use Firefox as their main desktop browser. When compounded with Bing’s desktop searches, the engine’s market share increases to 33.6 percent.

Bing Powers Siri

Voice searches are becoming more popular. This means using Siri for iPhone users. What you might not know too is that Siri also uses Bing as its search engine. Since Siri will also be in the next version of MacOS, you can expect Bing’s market share to continue to rise.

Bing powers a lot of browsers. People might not even realize that they’re using the search engine when conducting their searches online, in fact. So, while Google’s power is undeniable, it doesn’t mean you should ignore Bing when coming up with your SEO strategies.