The Good Traits of a Great Investor

Are you investing? Good! That only goes to show that you care a lot about your future. It also indicates that you have goals that you want to achieve. Whether you’re planning for an early retirement or you want to have a house before you turn 40, wise investing can help you materialise these aims.

Wise investing, however, does not happen easily. You need to acquire experience, see some failures every once in a while, and develop a game plan that will help you achieve your projections. When these things are actualised, that is the time when a good investor is born.

Want to be one of them? Here are some things you should keep in mind:


Achieving financial goals cannot happen as soon as possible. It takes time (years, even). As you wait for the fruits of your ‘labour’, you must learn to be patient. While they await the results of their plans, they thrive on learning; they devour books and stay updated on stock exchange news. They make plans, and they look at the big picture and examine its detail. This is where the principle of compounding becomes important.

The Right Control

Good investors know some of the things they can control. They focus on what they can manipulate and accept that some things do not fall within their dominions. When it comes to their emotional side, they fully understand that delayed gratification comes with many benefits, which makes self-control look much easier on them.

The Discipline

Discipline is also about control. They give themselves some restraints to make sure they are focused on their goals. This principle makes sure that the rules, plans, and strategies are followed strictly.

Remember that great investors are proactive. They know how to use these principles as leverage, and they learn from their mistakes. If you want to improve your investing skills, you can always work with a reliable financial consultant or investment specialist.