3 Effective Ways to Increase Employee Motivation

A Team Giving a High Five to One Another

According to a study called State of the Global Workplace, only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged in the workplace. These findings show that only 1 in 8 workers are psychologically committed to their jobs. The remaining 63% are disengaged and lacking the motivation to work; and 24% are actively disengaged, feeling unhappy and spreading negativity to co-workers.

The success of a company is directly related to the performance and teamwork of its employees. An employee with a clear set of goals that are indicated on a KPI dashboard software can make significant contributions to a company.

Here are three ways to effectively motivate your employee:

Develop Talents

Employees who feel trusted are more accountable and inspired to deliver. Training and talent development can make an employee feel respected and appreciated. This way, you are helping an employee learn new things and grooming your company’s future leaders.

Drive the Right Direction

An employee with a clear set of goals and targets is more driven to perform well. KPI dashboard software tools can be used to determine whether an employee’s performance is aligned with the company’s goals. An employee who has clear career vision and proper management guidance can greatly contribute to the company’s success.

Give Due Recognition

Nothing is more motivating than to feel recognized and appreciated. A simple act of gratitude or a praise can push the employees’ drive to work hard. Recognition may come in different ways, such as a raise, a token of appreciation, awards, or promotions. This act can motivate employees to get better and be more passionate about his or her work.

Employee motivation is valuable. Studies show that companies lose millions of dollars due to absenteeism and employee turnover. Keeping an employee driven and motivated can help your business ensure a clear path to success.