How Not to Treat Your Clip-in Hair Extension

Woman putting the hair extensionsBack in the day, women had to do all sorts of things to get more volume in their hair. There is the option to use products. Another strategy involves spending hours in the salon chair as a stylist works on hair with hot rollers and a blow-dryer. Then there is the quick option of simply putting on a wig.

All of which now pale in comparison to using clip-in human hair extensions. The hair extension is so real that sometimes you forget that it’s not your natural hair. And you may end up treating it as such, which isn’t a good idea.

Here is a guide of what not to do with your hair extension:

Sleeping in Your Clip-ins

The hair extensions look and feel so natural in your head that you forget to remove them before you get to bed. It is not only uncomfortable to sleep in your clip-ins, but you will also reduce its service life.

Cutting Hair Extensions on Your Own

You may be a DIY pro in fixing things around your house, but trying your hand at clip-in cutting might end up destroying the extension; you may chop off too much as you try to attain a size and shape that matches your dream style. If you have to trim your hair extension, consult your hairstylist.

Clipping Clip-ins Close to Your Hairline

You don’t have to show everyone you know that you use clip-ins. That is what attaching hair extension close to your hairline does. Attaching the hair extension less than two inches from your hairline will make it prone to slipping out, which can get painful.

Overusing Heated Styling Tools

Do not overdo the styling with your hairdryer or other heated styling tools. This will destroy the natural structure of your clip-ins. If you have to style your hair extension, ensure you use an appropriate heat protector so that the styling equipment is on low heat.

Washing Your Clip-in Hair Extensions

Do not wash your hair extension. Remember, the clip-in is not your natural hair. So it does not have a natural supply of sebum to oil the follicles. You will be doing your hair extension more harm than good washing it.

Finally, do not bleach your clip-in hair extension. If you need a lighter shade, the last thing you should do is to lighten the extension. Bleaching your hair extensions will reduce its lifespan.