KHDA Urges Schools to Prepare Students Beyond Exams

The city of Dubai at sunset

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) said in a report that outstanding schools in Dubai should help students prepare themselves not just for exams, but also for the future.

KHDA collaborated with the Education Development Trust to conduct the Future of Education report. Dubai’s academic system remains the most improved worldwide, which is attributable to its progressive stance on education, according to Steve Munby, CEO of the nonprofit trust.

Beyond Academics

The KHDA report suggested outstanding schools in here in Dubai to adopt a holistic approach to educating their students. More than just tests, students should learn to develop good character, a determined personality and sustain happiness.

While academics should still be a priority, the education regulator believes that today’s students require learning outside the context of formal knowledge such as math and science. They need to learn how to be a team player, something that books cannot teach alone.

Aside from this, the constant development of new technologies represents another aspect that they should be familiar, which will ensure that they can keep up with their peers.

Job Ready

Most parents will immediately attribute their choice of school for their children to the prospect of them landing a job, or possibly start their own business, in the future.

The report reflected that concept of preparing students ahead of life outside college, as it is another major factor for the advancement of private schools within the next 10 years.

As a discussion about students’ happiness and well-being become more pronounced within the education sector, schools should incorporate these elements into their core curriculum in the future, according to Munby.

A school serves as the second home of children, that’s why it remains important that students gain knowledge more than what books can offer them. Schools in Dubai should be aware of this to maintain the city’s status as a prime destination for students.