Online Marketing’s Hidden Gem for Jewelers: User-Generated Content

They’re all around you; they’re free, and yet your eyes usually pass them by when you go through your social feed: customers’ photos and videos. We call them user-generated pieces of content. A great weapon for online virality, these can polish your jewelry line’s social media page and online visibility to perfection.

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User-Generated Content by the Numbers

It may not be as rare as diamond, but it’s just as precious. User-generated content (UGC) has brought success to prominent brands, which is why it gets used from one marketing campaign to another. Statistics doesn’t lie: brand engagement increases by an average of 28% when UGC is used with other types of content promotion, and it gets 4x higher click through rate than standard ads.

The best thing about UGC is that the content doesn’t have to come from you — the users are ready to hand it over on a digital platter! A big factor to consider is the quality of your product. If you’re clear on that department, then the next step is to look for ways to engage your online shoppers.

Charm Your Audience

Customer content is a proof to other prospects that your products are worth a second look, so give them a spotlight on your page! Retweet, repost, or create an album featuring your customers wearing your jewelry.

If you’re having a hard time looking for users who tag your products, another way to generate buzz is to have online contests involving your products. You can either ask them to provide a witty caption to one of your photos, or ask them to strike a pose inspired by a theme.

If you’re eager to enjoy the benefits of user-generated content, don’t forget to reward your followers with constant engagement and premium online content that showcases your brand. UGC may be readily available, but it must be handled carefully.

Value your customers and not just the photos they share. UGC is just a start —you’re on your way to building a community of engaged online audience by strengthening your relationship with your customers.