3 Tips on How To Further Improve Pallet Racking Safety

To save space and improve warehouse management, many companies have invested in industrial pallet racking systems. And they’ve made the right choice. After all, it vertical storage spaces significantly improves warehouse management and operations efficiency. If you’re one of the companies who has made the right shift, here are some safety tips you can employ to secure your investments further.

  1. Make Sure You’re Working with a Reputable Pallet Racking Company

Some of the accidents that happen in the warehouse are not only caused by errors made by your employees. In fact, some of them occur due to improper installation of the pallet racking system and maintenance. If you’ve encountered problems with your previous supplier, consider shifting suppliers and work with a reputable one. Ask your new provider to walk you through proper maintenance and checks so you can spot problems early on. If you spot any damaged racks, repair or replace them immediately because they cause bigger problems and even huge losses. Make these part of your warehouse’s best practices.

  1. Do Not Overload

Industrial pallet racking systems are strong and safe, but this doesn’t mean that you can go beyond the listed capacity limit. Make sure you train your employees not only on how to place products on the racks safely and securely, but also to keep an eye on the maximum load capacity of the pallet systems. Remember this easy rule: the bigger the verticals space between the shelves, the lower the upright capacity should be.

  1. Invest in Good Lighting

Your warehouse should be well-lit and clean to avoid unnecessary accidents that could mean high financial losses for the company. Even if your warehouse is the back of the house, good housekeeping should be maintained, not only during client visits. A clean and well-lit warehouse also protects your employees from accidents and injuries.

Aim for Improved Safety

The efficiency and safety of your industrial pallet racking system greatly affect your overall business. So when it comes to improvements in these areas, make sure you make the right investment towards safety. Consider applying these tips in your warehouse this year.