Hook and Reel in Readers with these Headline Writing Hacks

Typing on a laptop keyboard

“When you advertise fire-extinguishers, open with the fire,” this is a quote from David Ogilvy, which not just applies for TV advertisement, but also with online advertising. After the results page loads, you have a few seconds to convince a person to click on your link.

He or she will make a decision based on the little information they know about the choices they have. This is when the headline you use can make or break, not only your conversion rate but also your bottom line.

Use the following hacks to convert a person into a buying customer.

The Contrarian Strategy

This grabs the attention of a reader because you make a general and accepted statement, then, contradicts it right after the fact. Expert C1 Partners notes this provocative approach immediately engages a reader and entices them to read more about it.

Once they click, this is the time to make your case as to why they should choose you over the competition. Back up the claim with logical arguments and present how you can provide a solution or answer.

Start with an Assertion

Another way to engage and elicit a response from a reader is to begin with an assertion. A scientific fact or statistics about your niche or the seriousness of your topic will pique the interest of potential customers.

Imagine is a Strong Word to Use

John Lennon’s song “Imagine” captivated the imagination of listeners because it created a picture of an ideal world. Ever since, the word carried significant emotional weight and significance. Use this to your advantage by including it in the ad copy headline.

This engages a reader to think about using your products or services and its positive effects.

These headline writing tactics boost the effectiveness of your ad headlines because they do not just grab a reader’s attention, but also engage them into thinking about your brand and how it will benefit them.