Google’s “Mobile First” Update: What is It?

Guy searching using his smartphone

The rise of smartphones and other mobile devices prompts huge changes on the way consumers behave. With its appearance, Google has also taken notice of the greater possibility it possesses in the future. This is why it is not surprising that the leading search engine has recently released a new algorithm update that targets audiences who prefer using their mobile phones when browsing.

Today’s digital marketing world often refers to it as the “mobile first” update. Here are some key points to note about this update:

Mobile as the Primary Version

In CT, Coforge Marketing and other SEO experts said that Google is currently working on a separate indexing system for mobile and desktop versions. In fact, Google even mentioned that the primary index will no longer focus on desktops, but on mobile. This is due to the continuous increase in the number of traffic coming from people who use their smartphones and tablets to search for something. Although there’s no confirmation yet, digital marketers are slowly noticing the sudden changes on index updates.

Short, but Quality Content

Another thing that Google realizes is the fact that users on mobile tend to behave differently. As the society is now in a fast-paced type of living, they want to be served instantly and be directed into the closest and most relevant response based on their query. Therefore, it is necessary to create a content that is precise but at the same time describes exactly what you’re offering to them.

No Mobile Version is Better

If in any case, you haven’t had enough time to configure the mobile version of your site properly, it’s better to simply not attempt to do it. Google themselves said that a poorly and lazily created mobile version would heavily hurt their online presence. Rather than throwing some random stuff on your mobile version, it’s better to not have any at all.

Hopefully, these guidelines to Google’s mobile-first update has been a great help to your SEO marketing campaign. Although Google has mentioned that they are focused on indexing mobile versions first, it is still important that you pay equal attention to the desktop version. After all, it still has an overall bearing when it comes to relevance, user experience, and ranking.