Three Ways to Attract More Patients for Your Dental Practice

Online marketing concept map

Are you not attracting enough new patients to your dental practice? In today’s highly competitive world, it’s not enough to survive with a bricks-and-mortar dental practice and a list of loyal customers.

You need to market your business both online and offline to generate new patients. Dentists, like Dominate Dental, are increasingly aware they need imaginative ways to generate new patients.

Here are some tips on how to market your dental practice and attract new patients.

Go digital and be social.

You’ve realised that you need a website. You created one. Now what? Having a website is just the start. You also need regularly published content (blogs) to continuously generate leads, turning interested browsers into new customers. Some dental companies invest in an app so customers can book their appointments online, especially on their mobile phone. An app can also be a good customer service add-on to remind patients about their upcoming dental appointments.

Improve patient management.

Your relationship with your patients doesn't end when they walk out the door after treatment. And besides, some dental procedures take more than just one or two visits, such as Invisalign. Apart from ensuring that your patients have a direct line to you, improve the customer’s experience by enhancing waiting room facilities, and offering discounts or freebies. In exchange, ask them for reviews and testimonials. Lastly…

Offer a referral program.

Why not make the most of the patients you already have? Chances are, they know people who want a reputable dentist. Roll out a referral programme and offer bonuses, discounts or freebies to existing patients who refer new patients to you. It’s also a simple way of showing your appreciation.

For a successful online presence and offline reputation, remember to keep it simple. You don’t need a massive marketing or advertising budget, you just need to be smart. Consider these tips to help you generate more patients for your dental practice.