Using Videos to Beat Your Online Competition

Woman editing a video through her laptopBlogging has been holding its own on the Internet for a very long time. However, while good old text guides and reviews remain to be the perfect way to share information, more people are now veering towards videos.

Understanding the core benefits of marketing with videos will send you rushing to a video production and graphic design expert in Provo for your first shoot. Here are the top confirmed benefits of using videos as part of your digital marketing campaign strategy.

Improved Conversion Rates

The most notable benefit that comes with deploying videos is the improved conversion rates. Research has proven that adding a product video to your landing page could improve conversions by 80 percent. Watching an explainer video is not only faster but also more convincing. More information is transmitted to your readers via the audio and the visual cues; hence, increasing your chances of transforming them into customers.

Trust Building

Building a brand is all about winning the trust not only of your loyal customers but also of your first-time visitors. It is easier to hide behind text than it is to hide behind videos. With the right videos, you can put forth a face your visitors will identify with and learn to rely upon as time goes by. This trust will translate into a mutual respect and an identity that will consequently give you more sales.

Search Engines Love Videos

Google, to be specific, does love videos and what they do to website visitors. A video will engage your readers, leading to increased times on the page. This is a direct indicator that your visitors loved what they found on your website. This, coupled with the improved conversion, might be all you need to outrank your competition.

To rank your website, you will need to go an extra mile and do what your competition is not doing. Creating personalized videos is a great way to earn that competitive edge.