5 Reasons E-mail Marketing Still Works

Receiving e-mail on a laptop

While social media plays a big role in how companies reach their target market, you still cannot deny the effectiveness of e-mail marketing. In fact, many businesses are still using e-mails in their campaigns to spread the word about their products and services.

Does it still work and is it something you should also consider for your marketing efforts? You bet! If you’re planning to hire e-mail copywriting services, read on and learn about its numerous advantages:

1. Targeted and Personal Marketing

An obvious benefit of e-mail marketing is it brings targeted results. With it, you have control on who will see your advertisement based on the information you’ve gathered from your contacts. This would include their demographics, lead status, location, gender, and others. Moreover, you can customize and personalize your message for every client.

2. Better Brand Awareness

Due to targeted and customized e-mails, you can build better awareness to your market. When a customer needs a product or service, they will remember your brand because you get in touch them and you market your business regularly.

3. Easy and Quick to Share

E-mails, by nature, are easy and simple to share. After your audience reads your message, they can decide to forward the information to a friend, which further spreads the reach of your marketing efforts.

4. Measurable Results

Another advantage is that this type of marketing campaign is measurable, as you can access valuable data — from delivery rates and open rates to click-to-deliver rates and subscriber retention rates. As such, you can make necessary adjustments from time to time to achieve better results.

5. Affordable

As opposed to print marketing, you wouldn’t have to spend big bucks for your e-mails. Most services are free, and the returns are good as well.

Of course, the key ingredients for a productive campaign are to have good design and content for your emails. You can check out companies that offer the e-mail services you need in case you need help.