SEO 101: Definition and Why Your Business Needs It

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Search engine optimization (SEO) has been around for over two decades now, but still, many business owners have little to no understanding of it. That’s a given, since not everyone has technical skills, and the time most people spend online is quite limited to Googling books they want to read or items they want to buy.

This is precisely the reason businesses need to know about SEO and how to take advantage of it, stresses If people are looking for stuff to buy online, then your customers need to see your website or social media accounts more. This isn’t possible when you’re competing with so much established websites with the resources to appear higher in search results.

It doesn’t end with your website

Just because you have a website doesn’t mean that your customer will automatically find it when they search for a product or service related to your offerings. Search engines, such as Google, observe a changing set of algorithms, which pull up sites based on their popularity and content value.

Optimization for better indexing

Optimization focuses on creating content that allows search engines to easily find it (i.e. crawl) and make it available to more readers (i.e. index). This kind of content becomes more favorable to search engine when more people “like what they see”, which is when they stay longer on the page or share it with friends on social media. SEO also involves optimizing a website’s meta data, such as article or page titles and adding relevant keywords that your potential customers are searching.

It is important to bear in mind not just to focus on Google alone for your SEO efforts. You should also design pages and write content for websites with other search engines in mind, not to mention, submit the finished website’s link to them for indexing.

If you’re a business owner in Utah, SEO marketing should be one of your topmost priority. Have a go at it using thousands of free resources online, or hire a local SEO expert to jumpstart your digital marketing initiatives.