Target Locked: What to Do to Get Quality Traffic

seo teamWho needs SEO these days? Come up with quirky ads, and you can get a couple of views, some would say. The problem is, no matter how many views you get, if they are not coming from your target market and they don’t generate sales, they will not make a difference.

Rather than playing a guessing game, use your effort in effective techniques. Here are some ideas:

Provide Quality Content

Google is not just about finding keywords in your blog posts or web copy anymore. They want to offer quality content on top of their search results, which is why you have to adapt and give site visitors nothing less. A good length, paired with the use of quality images, can get you further than a poorly written copy on top-level pages. Businesses in Melbourne, Australia who don’t have a dedicated copywriter usually outsource this to an SEO company as part of a package.

Make a Statement

Nike’s “Just Do It” statement is known far and wide. It’s simple yet effective at defining what the brand is all about. You may not have a statement to plaster on your products as part of its branding, but you can still have a statement that the company goes by when creating ads and copy. A company brief usually helps, to guide you in what each advertising campaign aims to achieve.


There is no Google ranking for whoever interacts most with their customers, but doing so will earn you brownie points from your target market. When they see that you respond to queries in a timely and respectful manner, they feel more at ease about doing business with you. Loyal customers feel content with the attention you’re giving them, and new customers will be willing to give you a chance. If you barely interact with them, on the other hand, they might not see you as the reputable business you claim to be.

There’s nothing more frustrating than wondering why you’re getting attention but not improving sales. To solve this dilemma, know your goals and focus on achieving them.