Key Elements of an Effective Website

Web Design displayed on the phone

Nicknamed Mile High City because of its one-mile elevation above sea level, Denver serves as the capital city and most populous area in Colorado. No wonder it has many beautiful sceneries, tourist destinations as well as thriving businesses all across town.

To effectively promote tourism and generate businesses, the government and business owners can tap all avenues to reach more people such as creating a website and social media channels. While having beautifully crafted web pages are enticing, website design should include all the key elements and characteristics of a good website.

Effective Design

The effectiveness of a website is determined if viewers stay longer to understand the product and/or service you offer. Effective presentation makes up the visual element of the website that includes the color, logo, pictures, and how these things are creatively laid out.

In addition, presenting multiple services is more effective when viewers can navigate easily from one page to another for better user experience. While other designers would integrate artistic transition especially for picture-based websites, it tends to slow down the loading of pages. For simple, fact-based websites, notes that most web designers prefer simple transition for faster loading.

Content and Visibility

Website contents must be informative and well-formatted. It should present only facts and relevant articles. In addition to providing the correct information to your viewers, this will help in terms of making your website more visible to search engines.

To get more information about this, you may want to familiarize yourself with search engine optimization (SEO), Google Analytics, keywords, backlinks, paid ads, pay-per-click campaigns, and other related articles. In this way, you can improve the ranking and visibility of your website.

Mobile Platform Compatibility

In this generation where most people access Internet thru mobile devices, you must ensure that your website is mobile-optimized and compatible. Remember, the desktop website layout is entirely different on mobile devices.

Contact Forms

Aside from strategically placing your business information, placing contact forms allow visitors to communicate with you via the website. Once they submitted their message, notify them the usual turnaround time of your reply. And make sure you reply within the given timeframe.


Getting errors is a big turnoff for website visitors. If you are still working on a page or two, make sure you handle the error page properly by having a customized placeholder advising them to contact you instead while working on the information on that particular page.

These are the qualities that the best websites have. Work to include them in your design.