For Social Media Managers: Three Crucial Elements When Handling Multiple Accounts

Social media website windows on computer screen

Social media sites play a critical role in marketing. Running a single account is rarely enough as target clients and loyal customers are all over different platforms. The necessity to use different sites poses a challenge to the stability and orderliness of brand management.

The various accounts require proper management if they are to impact positively on your online presence. To aid in this, here are three crucial elements involved in social media management for Ottawa businesses that Web Waves has observed.

Regular Posting

To gain followers and widen your fan base, it is essential to post daily. Regular posting lets you discover the ideal time to engage your audience as you can tell when people interact with your content most. Opt for informative posts are likely to capture attention and encourage sharing. For different sites, the recommended time varies. While Facebook may do with two updates, Twitter may require you to post up to five times a day.


When dealing with multiple platforms, inconsistency creates confusion. For your social media strategy to yield desired results, have uniform profiles across the sites. Use the same brand name, tagline, logo, and photo. This way, people can find and identify your business online. By so doing, you create a consistent brand presence that is easy to recognize online.

Automation Tools

Managing multiple social media sites is time-consuming. Keeping up with everything, while still handling online support, can be overwhelming. To ease the burden and also save time, use social media management tools. They offer a single dashboard for multiple sites and allow you to post simultaneously on different platforms. You can also curate content beforehand and schedule it for the same day or future posting.

Ensuring that you never miss a message and that your social media strategy remains on course is demanding. Proper planning, consistency, and automation all come in handy to help you achieve your goals. These elements make the managing, monitoring and analyzing social media accounts effortless.