Investing in the Next Big Thing: Renewable Energy

While bitcoin is currently getting all the hype, it’s far easier to learn the dynamics in the energy industry, which shows that green solutions are not going backwards again.

There have been recent fads for the next big thing, but if you’re serious about investing in the future, advisors suggest going for a renewable energy franchise over bitcoin. The trading charts for alternative-energy and oil stocks have diverged this year in a clear, eye-opening way.

Renewable Energy is a Safer, Steadier Investment

All the attention bitcoin gets is making it hard for investors to see another major player in tomorrow’s markets, something that they can really understand. Many cryptocurrencies have started popping up since the bitcoin hype. While they are difficult to comprehend, hearing that their rates grow by the thousands makes people feel like they are missing on the best tech investments of the year.

However, putting all your money in cryptocurrencies is an extremely risky move and things can go ugly real fast. Just recently, bitcoin is rapidly falling back to earth since its brief surge above $19,000 in December last year. If you want to invest in a rising trend that is here to stay, choose renewable energy. When it comes to potential returns, many experts are more willing to bet on its products over bitcoin.

Alternative Energy Has Become a Front-Runner

renewable energyAlternative energy stocks are steadily dominating the market, causing a huge divergence from its competitors. One reason for this is the contribution of the state of Iowa, which is now getting 37 percent of their energy from solar and wind.

Just putting one major city into the equation completely changes the game. From 7.7 percent in 2001, the market share of renewable energy throughout the United States has risen to 14.94 percent by the end of 2016.

Governments around the world are starting to heavily subsidize renewable manufacturers and latest figures show a strong global commitment to green products. If you wish to invest in a current trend, go for something with a clear, profitable future.