Why Go for Marketing Automation? These 5 Reasons Will Convince You

Sixty-seven percent of marketing leaders use an automated marketing platform, according to the 2017 State of Marketing report by CRM giant Salesforce. The same report indicates that an additional 21% of the people surveyed plan to start using a marketing automation platform too over the next two years.

It is indeed a progressive season for the marketing automation segment of the market, as its valuation hit $3.3 billion in 2017 with over 30% growth annually. Along with this growth is the increase in specialization, which has led to professional firms offering experienced and highly efficient automated marketing services.

However, many companies still wonder if it is worthwhile and here are just five convincing reasons.

Visitor-to-customer conversion

Many prospects simply remain at that stage without marketing automation strategies and tools that bring them back with contextual ads and retargeting tactics.

Sales completion

Cart abandonment is a reality for many online businesses, as customers fill their shopping carts and end up not following through. However, marketing automation allows businesses to recapture sales using follow-up email reminders with incentives to convince them to complete the purchase.

Post-purchase follow-up

The goal of sales is typically to achieve repeat purchases, and this is made possible by effective post-purchase automated actions such as feedback requests, valuable information, and tips.

Personalized product recommendations

Increase sales projections by providing personalized suggestions to customers based on their purchase history. These automated decision-making mechanisms help customers in progressing along the sales funnel.

Enhanced brand loyalty

Automated actions enable the business to reach out to first-time customers and appreciate their patronage as well as reward deserving customers or provide exciting incentives for further purchases.

Considering the increasing competition, customer retention through brand building activities has become vital. Marketing automation is the most pragmatic way to accomplish this objective, and ambitious businesses are fast keying into this dynamic practice.