Three Types of SEO Audits and How They Help Your Company

People Planning on Things to Audit

Many companies are confused as to what an SEO Audit should cover. But even if many companies have different ideas on the matter, the main point is that the audit must scrutinize your businesses’ expectations, marketing strategies, and make sure they match with your marketing efforts.

In Minnesota, search engine optimization (SEO) audits can fail to cover fundamental issues. Your business must, therefore, be keen to resolve these issues if you want to realize your long terms goals. One way to approach the audits is to divide SEO efforts and have reviews done individually. Consider these three types of SEO audits:

1. Auditing for Duplicate Content

SEO relies on website copy and the assumption that what is on your website is unique. In fact, search engines such as Google penalize duplicate content. An auditor should be able to use plagiarism checkers and other keyword-in-site searches to identify and remove any duplicate content on your website.

2. Auditing Google Search Analytics

Google provides an analytics report that is useful in determining the phrases and keywords that drive traffic. Such keywords also affect the visibility of your site in an organic search. An auditor should be able to filter data and evaluate how individual pages in your website perform. That way, you know what opportunities or gaps exist.

3. Inbound Links Audit

Your business website needs to be successful in getting incoming links if it will gain credibility with search engines. A proper review of inbound links should reveal websites that link to yours. The idea is to create link building strategies with the overall content marketing efforts but in a focused manner.

SEO audits give insights into what the next steps of your marketing efforts should be. They work, both as a tactical and strategic application. Every business should prioritize SEO audits. Carrying out all the reviews at once can be overwhelming while ignoring one can harm a company.