These Hacks Improve Your Website and Its User Experience

As the cliché goes, change is the only constant; this adage applies to websites and online marketing. You’ll need to adapt to changing behaviors, needs, wants and experiences of potential visitors.

Red Rider Creative, website design specialists from Salt Lake City, cites the following hacks that you need to implement to generate traffic, convert and reach your business objectives.

Easy Navigation

People don’t want to waste time navigating your website; too much drop down boxes, pop-ups and clutter make it difficult to explore. A person that doesn’t quickly find what they are looking for will likely click ‘back’ or close the tab.

One of the first steps to better user experience and website performance is to simplify the navigation. Simplicity makes it easier for visitors to identify the information they need, the pages they want to click and the products or services they want to buy. Some expert recommendations include:

  • Only put seven menu items at the maximum.
  • Make your labels descriptive.
  • Create a fixed navigation bar.

Addition by Subtraction

Too many photos, videos, articles and information overload on a page may turn off visitors. This results in a high bounce rate that negatively affects your site’s performance. Use negative space as much as possible, and remove unnecessary details.

Keep your pages clean by only publishing relevant content. Related articles and specific calls-to-action allow you to effectively guide a visitor to what you want them to do.

Defined Spaces

To improve experience and conversion rates define the space of a particular page. This means cluster relevant information, products and services, and buttons. This allows visitors to get in-depth details about how you can help them.

This improves your chances of moving them further down the sales funnel or toward an action you want them to take.

These are only some of the improvements you can implement to improve user experience. Doing so endears you to your audience and opens them up to sales pitches within your pages.