How to Get Ahead in Digital Advertising

someone using their gadgets

More and more businesses are investing in digital advertising. This means that instead of regular print, newspaper or TV ads, they have been buying space on websites, mobile apps and even Facebook. Online marketing in Singapore, like the rest of the world, has allowed companies to target their audiences effectively because they already know their interests and spending habits.

Compared to traditional advertising forms, digital advertising is inexpensive and easier to mount. Campaigns like Facebook ads, simple banners on websites, newsletters and email blasts need not cost tens of thousands of dollars to pull off. More importantly, the results are immediate and measurable.

How do you get started in digital advertising? Here are some tips:

Identify Your Needs

Before starting a digital marketing campaign, you must first know what you want to achieve. Are you pushing for a stronger brand recall, promoting an event or product, or in need of more sales? Whether it’s one or all three, you can craft specific campaigns to meet your needs.

You also need to identify which platform or method to use. For example, if you’re pushing attendance to an event, a newsletter might help rather than just placing random ads all over the Web.

Identify Your Audience

You must also be familiar with your target audience. Each event or campaign may have a different audience, so it will help to have this clearly identified. Knowing who your market is will help you zero in on the most effective type of campaign to use. If you’re targeting millennials, it would be best to make your ad campaigns mobile. There’s twice as much money being poured on mobile ads compared to desktop ones. Why? It’s because that’s where everyone is.

With Singapore’s reputation for being a digital city, the potential for companies to expand through online marketing is infinite. Digital advertising is just one of the many avenues that you can explore.